Meet the Partnership Team

Prior to accepting a position as Executive Director for Umpqua Economic Development Partnership in Douglas County, Wayne’s background includes CEO of a multi-divisional power sport company with multiple divisions in Kansas City, co-founder of two large Consumer Electronics Companies, SVP of Specialized Bicycle Corporation, corporate restructure and strategic development for Oakley, category development for M&A, Advisory Board for Nike, and more.

Leah was born and raised in a small town in central Kansas where most of her family still resides. She graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Human Ecology and Gerontology. Leah and her husband moved to Roseburg in 2018 to raise their family. Most of Leah's work has been in the hospitality, retail, and non-profit industry.

Umpqua Economic Development Partnership, Inc. is a 501c6 nonprofit organization.