As Douglas County's lead economic development organization, the Partnership’s mission is to aggressively promote economic growth throughout the county by fostering the best business opportunities, and maximizing the advantages that are afforded to us by our unique area. By identifying the needs of our community and facilitating strategic partnerships, we are positioned to greatly improve the quality of life in Douglas County.


Working hand-in-hand with local industry leaders, K-12 education programs will prepare our students for successful employment and will also meet workforce demands.

Entrepreneurial Development

Working to facilitate the creation of conditions and programs that support ‘Grow Our Own’ business efforts such as: Pre-seed funds, Start-up Weekend, SBDC, education, and GrowthTalks.


Working directly with companies to identify their current and future needs and workforce development groups following the “Grow our own” campaign model. Our goal is to actively pursue all areas that improve quality and engagement of emerging workforce through targeted application of necessary resources.

Retention, Recruitment, and Expansion

Working in concert with other agencies (Business Oregon, CCD, SBDC, OR Solutions, etc.), the Partnership assists local companies with their RRE issues. Support includes assistance with securing financing, incentives and other resources necessary for expansion; addressing regulatory hurdles or expanded operations, and workforce training and education programs.


Events are a way to engage and galvanize the community, educate the community on the initiatives worth supporting, and unify stakeholders and partners. The events are a way of reaching out to the community and satisfying the financial needs the Partnership uses to impact our community positively.


There is only one UMPQUA. We are unique and we have lots to offer. It’s time to actually ‘Make Great Things Happen Here’ in Douglas County. By creating a unique brand of events around ‘The Great Umpqua’, it provides a clear unifying point for the community to rally around, feel pride in their community and highlight all that ‘The Great Umpqua’ has to offer.



Umpqua Economic Development Partnership, Inc. is a 501c6 nonprofit organization.